Topolino’s Terrace to be ONLY character dining available at Walt Disney World- New Menu Unveiled

Walt Disney World updated their website today to show the revised menu for Topolino’s Terrace- flavors of the Riviera.

The breakfast menu is notably missing the steak, which is a fan favorite. However the Quiche Gruyère, Wild Mushroom Scramble and Sour Cream Waffle remain.

The kids menu remains untouched offering everything from the waffle dippers to the scrambled eggs. 

Topolino’s terrace is set to reopen on June 22nd when the Riviera, along with its sister DVC resorts, begins the phased reopening of Walt Disney World. Its will be the only the only character dining event offered by Walt Disney World at that time. 

However, Many are saying the modifications made – primarily the loss of the steak on the adult menu- makes the $42 price tag too steep to justify dining here on their next trip to Walt Disney World.

The modified menu can be found here.

Stay tuned to Minnie Mouse Momma for more updates in this and more regarding Walt Disney World phased reopening beginning June 22nd 2020.

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