How To Make Park Pass Reservations on The Walt Disney World Website

Walt Disney World’s new Park Pass Reservation System opened for Resort Guests with valid hotel reservations and theme park admission today, June 22nd. This system allows guests to make reservations for the resort theme parks in advance. Guests are limited to choosing 1 park per day and without these reservations guests will be denied theme park entry regardless of whether they have tickets and a resort package.

Right now Disney is only accepting reservations from guests with existing hotel reservations and tickets. The booking window opening dates for the system are:

  • June 22, 2020 – Disney Resort and other select hotel Guests with valid theme park admission
  • June 24, 2020 – packages and modifications open for 2021.
  • June 26, 2020 – Annual Passholders without a Resort stay
  • June 28, 2020 – Existing ticket holders

Check Availability

There is an obscure link you can use to check the park availability for your trip it can be accessed HERE.

As of this evening, Disney’s Hollywood Studios had already reached its booking limit for July 15th-17th under the “Resort Guests” tab of Disney’s Park Availability Calendar. Be sure to check the status of the dates your next vacation to make sure the parks you want are available prior to making reservations going forward!

Make Actual Reservations

If you are ready to make Park Pass Reservations and your resort hotel and valid theme park admission are properly linked to your account, you are ready to make some DPRs!

To get your reservations as quickly as possible, the following method worked best for me:

  1. Clear your browser data or open a private window/incognito browser. By clearing your browser data or using a private window, this ensures Disney’s website doesn’t get confused with conflicting login credentials from prior times you’ve logged on.
  2. Go to and click the blue button that says “Make a Disney Park Pass Reservation.” Here you will be met with the already infamous pink castle waiting screen.
Step 3: Sign in & Select Your Party. Now you should see a screen where you can choose the guests and create your travel party, then you can hit “Continue” and proceed to the Park Pass Reservation calendar.
Step 4: Select Your Park Days. When you pick a day, scroll down and you should see all 4 parks and their hours. Once you click on one, you can go in and secure your reservation.

Common Errors We are Seeing

Even before to the official launch this morning, at 7am- the site was already bogged down with waiting screens. A number of errors have continued to plague the site throughout the day. We have compiled a list here, along with any possible work around we know.

Disney Park Pass Pink Castle Waiting Screen
New Rose Gold castle waiting screen on Walt Disney World’s website.

If you get an error that says “there is no more Disney Park Pass available for the selected date and park” it could mean one of a couple things. One, the park is truly booked up, which you can verify via the availability calendar OR that the system has an issue with the tickets of the connected guests. Some DVC members with proper admission have reported getting this empty calendar as well. Errors like these and any arbitrary limits you recieve on how many reservations you can make during your hotel stay are things Disney is working to resolve.

Various other errors guests have reported include: annual passes being capped at three days even though they have a resort stay for a differing amount of days and the Walt Disney World banner with their account info and the website menu will not load, park days saying not available but the calendar shows otherwise. on the number of reservations a guest can make and other ticket-linking issues have been the main pain points. The most basic complaint is guests having to wait staring at a pink castle for hours just to log in.

We should see these errors worked out shortly. Over the next few days, if you continue to have these issues, and as the phone lines calm down slightly, you should have an opportunity to get a cast member to help work out any issues still blocking you from making your passes.

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