New Daytime Show Coming to World Showcase Lagoon!

Just announced at the D23 Fantastic Worlds Celebration – EPCOT will be receiving a new daytime show. The show will be featuring water features in the World Showcase lagoon.

Here is the announcement from Zach Riddley, Imagineering Portfolio Executive for the Walt Disney World Resort, and Melissa Valiquette, Vice President of EPCOT. ( The announcement is made a 26:50)

The new daytime show will utilize the floating platforms for “Harmonious” and will provide a vibrant and foretelling energy for the new nighttime spectacular.

Taking elements from Epcot’s new night time spectacular- HarmonioUS these permanent barge elements will provide entertainment both in the day and at night. (You can see the fountains in the photo below)

Stay tuned to the Minnie Mouse Momma for more info on this and HarmoniUS to come!

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